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VFSJFileChooser features


Here are the main features :

Seamless filesystem browsing

Standard java file browsing with abstraction to the filesystem. You browse seamlessly local and remote file systems the same way.

VFSJFileChooser supports many protocols such as Webdav, SFTP, FTP, SMB, etc. Please have a look at Apache Commons VFS supported protocols. Starting from 0.0.3 release, VFSJFileChooser is using webdavclient4j for Webdav support.

Easy i18n support

There are translations for English, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish per default. You can add a new language to VFSJFileChooser by dropping a new resource bundle in your classpath.

A default accessory panel

A toolbar provides access to a bookmarks manager and a connection wizard.

No inheritance of some JFileChooser known bugs

VFSJFileChooser doesn't suffer from the infamous JFileChooser freezing bug. Time to time, JFileChooser can hang for 10 seconds(even on a quad core!). The bug seems to be coming back all the time, but only on Windows.


Access to the navigation panel and the navigation buttons(new folder, etc.)

Simple and familiar API

VFSJFileChooser is based on the standard javax.swing.JFileChooser code. The main difference is that VFSJFileChooser uses Commons VFS FileObject instead of